Ring the Alarm!

If an alarm is normalized, is it still alarming? Popular media has had my mind consumed with police brutality. The many, viral recorded interactions have heightened concerns for those at risk. While many of these videos have shown interactions with cars with flashing lights ending with loss of life from a bullet, my mind is consumed with a different kind of alarm during this season.

Hey Fattie!

Has anybody ever teased you for being fat? No? Maybe you were the one doing the teasing. If you were, screw you, on behalf of all the pleasantly plump and teddy bears around the world. If you didn’t take part in either side, then good for you. Or maybe you were teased for being skinny. For some reason, we just can’t get it right. I cant really relate to the skinny people, since thats never been my issue, but I’m going to tell you about my story. I think it’s best that you buckle up….