Free Boobing: The Ultimate Women’s Liberation

It’s been almost two years since I noticed my mom’s friend didn’t wear bras. When I made mention of it to my mom, she let me know that her friend was breast cancer survivor. My whole mindset changed. Before I was thinking, “wow, this woman is free”, but later I thought, “wow, this woman is free.” It was kind of like my camera lense got a little more focused; either way it was bad ass. Why not be liberated? There’s no reason that taking bras off should still be such a great part of the day.

How Can I Become Vegan?

It is my goal to transition from omnivore to a complete herbivore diet, in human terms(since we think we’re different from all the other living things), I’m going vegan. So far, I have mostly consumed vegetarian meals, with small exceptions on Thanksgiving, Christmas and a few other occasions, all of which I have regretted. Honestly, it just doesn’t taste as good as I used to think it did, and, yes, I never imagined that I would say this. Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine a life without meat, even a day, but here I am.

Ring the Alarm!

If an alarm is normalized, is it still alarming? Popular media has had my mind consumed with police brutality. The many, viral recorded interactions have heightened concerns for those at risk. While many of these videos have shown interactions with cars with flashing lights ending with loss of life from a bullet, my mind is consumed with a different kind of alarm during this season.