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I am Another Fat Girl Gone Healthy! On my vlog, you’ll mostly hear me be called Mary, which I used to hate, but I’m embracing it now. I am sharing my struggles AND triumphs as a fat girl striving for a healthier life. That includes food, exercise, new activities, and my overall lifestyle, as another fat girl…gone healthy.

I’ve already traveled pretty far on the road to destruction. Some people I once knew, didn’t make it this far. It caught me by surprise when they finished their journey. I thought it was just nature taking it’s course, because death is natural.

I only recently found out that many of the “natural causes” of death really aren’t that natural. Actually, natural death really only means, it wasn’t an accident, or like a murder or some other kind of foul play.

I can’t go out like that!

I mean, I don’t want to be murdered, obviously. BUT, I also don’t want to miss out on experiences that require a healthy body, because I deprived myself of the fuel I need to function properly.

Trust me. I’m DEFINITELY not judging. With diabetes affecting children at an alarming rate, and some who don’t even look like what one would consider “fat”, I feel lucky to be alive right now!

Only now I see that it’s so easy to be a murderer, to commit suicide, to just eat yourself to death. With deadly disease on a silver platter, it takes true effort to  bridge the gap.

It was so easy to practice unhealthy habits. Now, I go out of my way to be healthy. I’ve picked up new hobbies like cooking, gardening, racing (like walking and jogging) and traveling. Ok, well traveling isn’t really new, but I love it! Check out my fat galleries.

Now, with my health as a top priority, I hope that I am on the right path to realistically walking to 100.

24 years down/76 more to go




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