Meat Based Diet

It’s been almost 4 years since my, then boyfriend proposed that we become vegetarian. At the time, he seemed pretty serious; I could hardly control my laughter. I couldn’t imagine a life without meat. I’m an American girl. Breakfast, lunch and dinner all include meat. Everybody knows that, right?


My dad likes to grill, so there was always a variety of meats for the week. I know! I know! He is quite the meal planning pro. Chicken, beef, pork, were on the menu all the time. There was no such thing as Meatless Mondays in my household.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that none of the other days were dedicated to meatless-ness either. Since I’ve moved away from home, I’ve been changing my diet in a major way. First, U was eating everything, because there were buffets on campus, complete with chefs who made pastas to order. all the time in college, to cutting back on pork, because cooking bacon is dangerous, and not just because of the popping grease.


It didn’t take long for me to let it go, even bacon! He’s introduced me to so many great vegetarian items, some that I didn’t know existed before we met. It’s actually kind of unbelievable to me now that so many fruits and vegetables were absent from my world.


Just last year, I decided that in the long term, I want to eat a vegan, or plant based diet. I am trying to be PC, but it sounds so strange to say plant based diet, or vegan.  I didn’t say I followed a meat based diet before. Why do I have to be defined by the foods I eat anyways?


I managed pretty well by not buying, or cooking any meat, and investing in living better. I believe that I was much more successful because I was able to omit it from my daily life and get accustomed to living without it. It got easy, only after it got harder. After a summer binge, I really did stop eating meat for the longest consecutive period. The change helped me to notice the effects that meat have on my body.

Meat just doesn’t flow through the body as freely as plants. I don’t want to start talking’ shit, but seriously. Meat can back you up, and plants can help you clean that shit out. Even if you don’t want to remove meats from your diet, a balance towards fruits and vegetables is crucial for body function. Trust me. After making the change, and feeling the benefits, I took some reassuring bites, but they just made me certain that I’m not missing out on much of anything. The power, AND the flavor is in the plant!

The Struggle is Real!

Bridge The Gap!

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