“Good Hair” and Big Chops

I’ve been talking about this for months. Ever since my little sister called me and said she wanted to cut her hair off. First I was saying “Noooooo! Why?” I feel like this is a typical response to women wanting to cut their hair, as if it will prohibit function. Nobody announces, or overreacts when we clip our finger nails. Hair should be the same way, but it isn’t. Hair is a HUGE beauty standard.


She sent me a video of a big chop. I watched that one and a few more before I was saying that we should both do it, but wait so we can do it together(she wanted to cut her hair right then, like at that very moment). The one video I recall, the girl cried, so I suggested that we could cut each other’s hair and cry together😂RQMkbDltmbtmg

She ended up not not cutting her hair that time, and looking back I wish I wouldn’t have been that negative voice in her ear. It’s just hair, and it will grow back, hopefully healthier than it was before. These were my thoughts, before I set my mind to cutting my own hair, so I got the scissors. I’m trying to be reasonable about this, but I’ve had alot of hair all my life, so cutting hair off is STILL a big deal. It’s not just a physical change, it’s mental too, so of course I had to start chopping when the moment felt right. It felt okay, so I thought. I didn’t cry, but editing the video of my big chop experience really showed my discomfort, even though I joked with the hairdresser all through the process.


Hair carries heavy weight as a beauty standard. It is a factor factor in measuring attractiveness. Thanks to my gene combination, I have had long curly locks my whole life. I have to be honest, I considered saying that I was fortunate, but that is part of the sick thinking that made me want to cut my hair.


I hate when people ask me if my hair is all mine. I always wanted to say no, and see how awkward things could get, because isn’t that a strange question to ask? I despise when people talk about, or compliment my “good hair”, not because I hate my hair, but because it makes me feel guilty for growing it, like they don’t believe the same thing about their own hair. It also makes me feel that I have maintain within the confines of the romanticized notion of good hair, and defend hair choices that everyone around me has already done 10 times over. The only difference is that I use my own hair to manipulate it into styles. Locking my hair was quite the experience, because people were so worried that my hair was “too good” for the style. They also worried about my life after locks, and that I would have to cut it them out. Crazy, right? I have never seen dreads on anyone and thought about either of these things, but these comments were normal for me.

So far, everyone I know has been shocked, but I guess the good thing about cutting it, is that strangers won’t know what I had before and question me about it. More importantly, now that I’ve changed my diet to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, and cut off my color damaged hair, I already know my hair is going to be growing like crazy.

What are your thoughts on “good hair” and big chops?

If you want to know more about my hair cutting motives, besides the fact that I felt like it, or enjoy some funny hair salon chat, check out my BIG CHOP VLOG.


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