Ready, Set, GYM!

The gym alway seems like such a horrible place before I get there. I get into a sour mood just thinking about going to the gym. The crazy thing is, I don’t think exercise is all that bad. The gym isn’t so bad either, once I get there, IF I get there at the right time, with ALL of my proper equipment.

So what is the right time for gymmin’? If you’re familiar with the gym I visit, you’re probably thinking that all the time is the right time. It’s seems logical, considering that Planet Fitness is open 24/7, but it is NOT always time to go to the gym, atleast for me.

The worst time to visit the gym is  Monday-Thursday 4pm-8pm. This is what I call prime time, especially from January-March, when everybody is newly committed to their health related resolutions.

I hate when the gym is crowded, BUT if you must go during prime time to ensure that you actually go, by all means, GO! Get in there and work your ass off! Just kidding. Work off everything, except your ass 😁


I like to sweat, but not on the lady on treadmill next to me. I need space to work out freely. It’s hard to believe I’m in a no judgement zone when there’s somebody to judge everywhere you look. I don’t want to have to look somebody in the eye after I fling my sweat on them.


I imagine that would be pretty awkward, so I do my best to avoid prime time.

If it’s not prime time, the rest is easy. A charged phone and headphones are a must! I won’t say that there’s no way that I could workout without these items, but I am certain that my workout is less effective without them.

Music is such a crucial part of the workout experience. Get lost in the sounds, and move your body to the beat! Just when I think I’m all out of energy, my jam comes on, and I’m back at it!

How do you do gym time? Is music a must for you too? I can’t be the only one…

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