Taxes Should NOT Be This Complicated

It was the night before tax day, and all through the house,

We were stressing like hell, to figure the shit out.

I considered turbo tax, until I realized their prices were expensive,

I tried to get my fiancé to join me, but of course he was reprehensive.

Yeah, Turbo Tax is familiar, but Credit Karma had been advertising.

One detail stuck in my head and it was truly memorizing.

I checked them out, and to my surprise,

It really was all free. They told no lies!

As easy as it SHOULD be, it was still complicated,

So there I was, on tax day thinking, “DAMN! I shouldn’t have waited.



How was your experience with taxes this year? I heard it gets worse as you get older. I sure hope that’s not true! It’s not looking good though…

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