Is It Safe to Start Growing Yet?

It’s been about two, maybe 3, weeks, a lot of wind, and a supposed blizzard since I was joking around about how winter never showed up. It seems like old man winter really didn’t want to come to work, but just showed up in the final hour, just to let us know that climate change hasn’t truly destroyed him yet.

The early morning sun after springing the clocks forward and the sweet singing of the birds was really giving me all the spring feels. I wore a spaghetti strap top in February for fuck’s sake!

The snow “storm” wasn’t quite what I’d consider a storm, but the ever changing weather is a war zone for seedlings looking to thrive in warm weather. I am getting into my second spring with my tower garden, and after the disaster at the end of the summer, I am not sure that I want to take the risk of the sun burning everything to a crisp again. I always keep it summer breeze warm in my house, so I can practice how I’m gonna be strutting my stuff on the beach in my thong bikini, but besides that, my plants need heat. I’m done with the greens now. I’ve had enough hearty soups. I’m ready for spring salads, hot peppers, and okra, not to mention my cannabis. They aren’t a fan of the cold weather, and while I would love to give them some fresh air, I am wary about exposing them to pests. There are a lot of little bug wuggies that enjoy  the same things I do, but I am not one for sharing, at least not with them.

So is it safe to start growing yet?

Well, it is if you have a tower garden. I haven’t stopped growing since I planted my first seed 2 years ago. I’m hooked! It’s so amazing creating life, caring for it until harvest.

Growing has turned into somewhat of a therapy for me, watching their development, and picking away the bad leaves. I especially like preening; I guess I always have. I recall a time when I was in kindergarten. As the class walked in a line, down the sidewalk, I was picking  leaves off the bushes, not with any kind of methodology, just picking. When my teacher scolded me and said “how would you like it if someone picked at you?”

At the time, it made perfect sense to allow the plant to grow without interference, but now that I have become somewhat of a novice urban gardener, I would say that we all get picked on in life, and with each pluck, we falter momentarily, but ultimately we grow bigger and stronger.

The phrase is true, if it doesn’t kill you, it WILL make you stronger!

I have much more to say on the topic, but I’ll hold it for another time.

What I will tell you is that my plants have continued growing through the winter, since they have been living in their ideal temperature environment.

With the fluctuation of the weather, it seems like it may have only been me who hasn’t been growing much. I went into a hibernation of sorts; avoiding going out for any reason, and even slowed my visits to the gym, because who wants to walk outside sweaty into 25 degrees?

Not me!

Hibernation may not have been so bad of an idea, if I modified my eating habits to match my lack of physical activity, but we know that’s not usually how netflix and chill works. It’s a very specific recipe that calls for lots of Netflix, lots of snacks and lots of naps.

Because you can’t properly “chill” with a banana

Anyways, it’s looking pretty solid now. I’m so invested in growing now, that I want to put a few things outside, separate from my tower. I don’t think I’m going to move it outside this year, although it flourished on the balcony last season…at least until


….but I can bear to think of that now. We can talk about that later. Spring is here now.

It’s time to start growing!

Do you grow? I’d love to see!

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