Hold up! Wait a Minute

The Cherry blossoms are in Bloom! Spring is here, and I did the Cherry Blossom 10 mile run! Unlike The Diva’s half marathon, I felt much more prepared. Yeah, I didn’t wait long at all. Y’all know how it is when you’re feeling proud of yourself…

I was actually kind of pressed about getting my time…and what do you know! I went to the website to check on the results. I searched my last name first.

No data.

I searched my first name, still no data.

Lastly, I pulled my bib down, which I’ve already added to my little collection of race bibs, or a little pile. Don’t worry, it’s not a mess. It’s a super small pile, like literally a few, almost several. Anyways, my results weren’t there!

So I sent an email, I mean, they said to do it…after I clicked on the help button. I’m proud of myself, remember?

feeling it

Anyways, I wanted to add in a pic of the denial of request in this post, but it was there by the time I checked back.

Suddenly, I lost my enthusiasm. I think I might have managed the same speed I was doing in high school, which was terrible. On the bright side, it was much better than the half marathon, and I didn’t die.


I took a bath right after I got home, and did a lot of stretching. I’ll call it, water yoga, I think.

Doing deep breathing while not moving, is meditation, if moving, it’s yoga, if it’s hot while you’re doing it, its bikram yoga. Bikram yoga! Ok. ok…it was some warm water yoga. I don’t know what to call it. I just wanted to really stretch it out, and what better place than somewhere wet and warm…


I didn’t mean it like that!

I was too too deep into my zen for any funny business…

Did you know that the cherry blossoms were a gift from the Japanese? I had killed too much of my battery by the time we got to the best cherry blossom views, but check  out some cool trees in Japan in my travel gallery!

Were you at the race? Ever tried warm water yoga? Tell me about it!

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