Taking Trips and Diet Slips

I have really tried to get away from the word diet ever since I decided that I was going to make my health, an ongoing goal for life, but it just couldn’t think of another suitable word. Even though I consider my diet to be the things that I consume, not time limited restrictions attached to a short term goal. So like I said, my diet was out of wack!

Traveling to Boston had an ongoing theme…cake. Departure included cake. Arrival included cake. Lunch wasn’t vegetarian, and you’ll never believe how the night ended…with cake.
Why so much cake you ask?
Well the first cake was a special banana bread.
The second cake was just a quick bite from Starbucks
The third was a celebratory birthday cake.
In between, there was beef, because the veggie was lacking in a major way. Despite my goal for veganism, I think meat every now and again isn’t too bad, so it will definitely be a few more months before I have any of that again. Honestly, the meat was what saved lunch from being completely terrible, and I credit the seasoning and the chef, not the meat. After having some meat once every few months, I remind myself why I am making the choice. The reward outweighs the cost!
I chased the beef with a nap, and they gave me the ultimate hangover. My stomach was so bloated,  it hung over my jeans. I felt less than my best, heavier than I had remembered, and acidic.
After napping for a few hours, I was up and still severely bloated, but I was determined to get out and see the city. I proposed two places, one within 7min, and another 21 min.
I was eager to walk, the further, the better, considering that we ate and slept. My partner was in a state of shock that I would even suggest walking 20minutes. We lazily called a ride for a mile trip. I hoped that my fiancé’s  30th birthday didn’t mean that he was officially elderly. I guess I should consider that we departed early, but I’m beginning to think he finds  logic in staying up the night before we leave, so he can get some good use the hotel.
Expecting cool weather, I layered with tights under my jeans, for double the cut into my waist, one that left my hips sore the next morning. Halfway through the day, I had to change out of my shoe boots for some support from my sneakers.
Reading over those last two lines makes me worry that I’m complaining and have ailments like an old lady. With that being said, cheat meals can easily turn into cheat days. Reflecting on when I traveled almost two weeks out of the month, I am reminded of why travel is not an excuse to not take care of one’s body. It was miserable putting on extra weight, and only slightly less miserable trying to get it off.

Always take trips, but never let your diet slip!

Travel with Us!

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