Free Boobing: The Ultimate Women’s Liberation

It’s been almost two years since I noticed my mom’s friend didn’t wear bras. When I made mention of it to my mom, she let me know that her friend was breast cancer survivor. My whole mindset changed. Before I was thinking, “wow, this woman is free”,  but later I thought, “wow, this woman is free.” It was kind of like my camera lense got a little more focused; either way it was bad ass. Why not be liberated? There’s no reason that taking bras off should still be such a great part of the day.


I forgot about it for a while, but when my sister told me that she used to practice freeboobing much more before her pregnancy, the thought of this liberation really stuck in my mind. You don’t see many women doing it, ATLEAST not by day, and why aren’t they?

Now it’s been about six months, since  I’ve really been committed to free-boobing. It started as an occassional thing, when I thought I could get away with it. I would wear husband beaters, I know y’all know the husband beater…

push up giphy.gif

I’d wear them under my shirts instead of a bra. Some days, I’d go completely be free, but under a shirt, under a suit jacket, making sure to check in the mirror to make sure that I still looked put together before going out.

In the early part of my transition, my then boyfriend, would often greet me when I got home with a close hug or a blatant squeeze, like a “honk honk”, to see if I had worn a bra out that day.


We argued about my bralessness a lot. This was one that I always won, because let’s face it, he wasn’t going to get up and put bras on me everyday. On occasion, I would wear one to appease him, but really because bralessness isn’t always the best option, like with a see through top,but Melania Trump has influenced me to be confident. I’m not sure that I’m ready to #freethenipple though.


When I asked him why it was such a big deal, especially since he had to grab them to verify my bralessness, he told me that wearing a bra was professional.


I told him that anyone who stares or touches my breasts to know that I am braless in the workplace would not be professional. Although I defended myself a few times, by saying that it wasn’t really noticeable, or that I had on a jacket or undershirt, this was one of those agree to disagree arguments. I didn’t really care. I’d just entered into a new realm of freedom, where the best part of the day isn’t taking my bra off.

deal with it giphy.gif

When summer came into full effect, I started  questioning if this was really the right thing to do; the boob sweat was SO serious.  I must admit I wore a sweat band (like the one for your head), around my torso a few times, but most times I use my shirt. Because this is official, there are no bras at any time, that includes the gym, which makes it critically important that I practice good posture.

nice posture giphy.gif

Now, you might be wondering how you came to wear a bra everyday…and it’s because corsets were tight as hell to be wearing around the house and a lady named Caresse Crosby said…
aint nobody got time giphy.gif

Just kidding, although there may be some truth there. It was the need for metal during wartime, that women were asked not to buy corsets. So thanks to WWII for not having to be constantly “snatched.”

Crosby’s bra was a much simpler, less supportive bra than the ones we see today. It was created from handkerchiefs.


I suppose we were getting far too comfortable when Howard Hughes had the first underwire bra made for Jane Rusell in the movie, The Outlaw. It was so uncomfortable that Jane reportedly didn’t wear it for the movie. I suppose we should thank him for our modern day bra discomforts.

Next, Louise Poirier created the wonderbra, making bras fabulous in the 1960’s.

Sports bras came on the scene in the mid-1970s, seemingly for a very specific purpose, considering the name, “free-swing tennis bra”, then the jockbra in 1977.

How did women survive without support for so long?!

There have been a number of contraptions designed over the years to support breast, some to suppress, others to emphasize, some comfortable, some painfully terrible. Most are painfully terrible, in my opinion. despite all of the designs created to support the female breasts, I am trying out the most basic treatment.

The human body is absolutely, beautifully and wonderfully made. You may think that you need a bra, or feel uncomfortable without it, but I challenge you to question those thoughts. I know I did.

Bras have been holding me down for ATLEAST 15 years. Ever since my little mosquito bites came on the scene, I’ve been babying them, supporting them every step of the way. They never learned to support themselves, until now.

Just like my men do weight training to define their chests, I do weight training to define my pectoral muscles too.

I’m a free-boober, enjoying the ultimate women’s liberation…


What are your thoughts on bras? Should taking off bras really be the best part of a woman’s day?

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