How Can I Become Vegan?

It is my goal to transition from omnivore to  a complete herbivore diet, in human terms(since we think we’re different from all the other living things), I’m going vegan, or plant-based. So far, I have mostly consumed vegetarian meals, with small exceptions on Thanksgiving, Christmas and a few other occasions, all of which I have regretted.


Honestly, it just doesn’t taste as good as I used to think it did, and, yes, I never imagined that I would say this.  Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine a life without meat, even a day, but here I am.

I have even had a few people ask me about what I eat or how to eat all vegetarian. I am no expert, but I still have a little bit  of advice for anyone working towards eating better:

1.  Do NOT give up on yourself because you gave into a temptation.

It WILL happen. Get over it and move on! There will always be another opportunity to do right.  At this point, my fiancé pretty much knows by now that when I say, “I have a confession to make”, I most definitely ate fast food.

2. Family  and friends may be your worst enemy.

Learn how to tell them “No Thank You” with conviction and confidence…because they will say things like, ” You sure you don’t want any?”, after you’ve already declined.

 3. People may (probably will) make fun of what you’re eating.

Feel confident that you are giving your body the fuel it needs and doing the right thing for yourself. It’s not a coincidence that most people in the U.S. die of heart failure. They laugh at us for eating crazy things like nuts and berries, but we aren’t allowed to laugh at them when they’re on their death beds from eating fried chemicals. Laugh with them…we all know who will be be the butt of the joke when we’re walking at 100.

 4. Don’t buy it, if you don’t want to eat it all.

Yeah, those cookies/chips/gallon of ice cream, or whatever it is that you like, should stay on the shelf. Say no once at the store. I promise you, it’s much easier than to keep denying yourself every time you go into the kitchen.

  5. Don’t go cold turkey.

You may be setting yourself up for the binge of a lifetime. By making small changes you can focus and commit to each change. It will become easier to make the right choice as you go on.

Check out the Food gallery to see some of the vegetarian meals I have been eating. Some dishes look/tasted more delicious than others, but they all accomplished the same goal.


Remember, food is fuel! You wouldn’t overfill your gas tank, or hang out at the gas station. Don’t overeat, or hang out in the kitchen. Trust me, its bad news.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? Heading that way? What are your thoughts?

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