Free Boobing: The Ultimate Women’s Liberation

It’s been almost two years since I noticed my mom’s friend didn’t wear bras. When I made mention of it to my mom, she let me know that her friend was breast cancer survivor. My whole mindset changed. Before I was thinking, “wow, this woman is free”, but later I thought, “wow, this woman is free.” It was kind of like my camera lense got a little more focused; either way it was bad ass. Why not be liberated? There’s no reason that taking bras off should still be such a great part of the day.

How Can I Become Vegan?

It is my goal to transition from omnivore to a complete herbivore diet, in human terms(since we think we’re different from all the other living things), I’m going vegan. So far, I have mostly consumed vegetarian meals, with small exceptions on Thanksgiving, Christmas and a few other occasions, all of which I have regretted. Honestly, it just doesn’t taste as good as I used to think it did, and, yes, I never imagined that I would say this. Two years ago, I couldn’t imagine a life without meat, even a day, but here I am.