I’m Ready Now…Let’s Make America Great Again

So many people never thought the day could ever come. All the very real signals were there, but many of us were in denial as we watched the news.


After day.

After day.

After day.

After day…

in disbelief.

scared giphy.gif

I may or may not have done some nervous eating, a few comfort meals.

We grew more angry at the surfacing of violent videos aimed at making America great again. It hurts to see what is not great at all, in America. It’s a great big problem that we ignore. Dare I say, it’s




I’m sure by now, everybody has seen the few people rioting in the streets of DC during the inauguration. While many people have commented about how silly or stupid it was, I have to commend them, because they acted to brave for us.

Shout out to the man or woman who busted glass at the Mcdonald’s and Wells Fargo!  Screw them for killing me slowly with calorie dense, nutrient deficient, “manufactured” foods while taking my money.

They took a risk to say something to the establishment/the system/corporate America–the WHATEVER that just crossed over into politics. This is mind boggling, so much that it hurts. We want to transfer the pain, and get the message across that we want to be comfortable. We need to be comfortable, to live and prosper. Our poor health and debt robs us of the opportunity to really live and enjoy. Our minds are not at ease. It’s hard to find inner peace without outter peace.

I am not saying that I would take it there, because I can’t even fathom the fine for destruction of property, but just for a moment I will.




Nope. I’m good.


On Friday, while some celebrated an incoming president, many were hurting, worried about what was to come, or if they or their families would be able to sustain much longer.





Because at the end of the day, we all want the same thing.

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Happiness

It just seems that some have a misconstrued concept of all of these things.

Health isn’t just taking medicines, or going on a diet for that “summer body.” Health is ongoing, until we die, and requires very frequent deposits. Just like your bank account won’t be fooled when you eat out all month, your body won’t be tricked either.

Wealth shouldn’t be ALL about money. Of course, we need a fair amount to live comfortably, and even enjoy,but there should be more to wealth than money. Some people just want a wealth of education, but a wealth of education requires a wealth of money. I won’t go deeper into it, but there are many instances where without the wealth, you really can’t enjoy much else.

Happiness should not stifle the health, wealth or happiness of anyone else. All of these factors are very much intertwined, and we desperately need to catch our balance.


This past weekend was quite the whirlwind, to say the least . There was protest at the inauguration and then much much more the next day at the new Million Women March, boycotting of the march,all because these three things are not available to everyone.


As a woman, I have to say, that women’s march was YUUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


I know. I know.


sick trump giphy.gif
…Or atleast this is how I imaged that he and many other men may have responded.


Just a bunch of fat women(how many guys do you think said this one?), no biggie…or was it?


YUGEEEE giphy.gif
I’m sorry Bernie, I just couldn’t resist…still feeling the Bern burn…both. Please help us! We love you BIGLY!


And around the world? Even Antarctica managed to gather a group of over 20 people.


It felt good, it felt damned good to see to many people out there!


I couldn’t  help but smile when I saw all those faces in the street.

America will be great!

Not in the way the trumpets expect either, it will be in spite of all the hate. I’m not sure we’ll see it anytime soon with President Trump, considering his twitter feed…

Only when we can ALL have health, wealth and happiness,  America might just truly be great.

Did you participate in the march? What was your experience?

What are your thoughts on the intersection of health, wealth, and policies?

Let’s connect on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat



This post is not meant to get into the political weeds, but these are two of my favorite posts about the women’s march.

An Unpopular Opinion of the Women’s March on Washington

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