2016 Left Me Hungry

It was December 28th, when I got up and decided that I was going to fast. This is my third fast of the year, and my life, that I can recall. It all started when I was just browsing the web, you know, scrolling and clicking around.


I read about how a three day fast is like a reboot button for our bodies. Of course there is no fast master, so you make up your own rules. I decided to fast from the time I get up, until dark. During the day, I allow myself unlimited water and tea.  After dark, I eat one whole foods, meal. It is a serious challenge for the body and mind, but it is possible! In the past, I have done it for three days, and planned the same this time. I made my intention of fasting for 3 days, into 2017.

I spoke it aloud to make it real. I got up and had some tea with basil leaves. I took four juice plus capsules with them. They’re food, but not food. I didn’t feel that fasting was a reason to stay away. I tried to keep busy around the house, having the whole kitchen at my disposal made this fast different from the others, when I worked a 9-5.

9-5 giphy.gif

I hadn’t spent long at the computer before thinking, “wait a minute, thirty days have September, April, June, and November, but all the rest have thirty one!” I had to check my the calendar to be sure that there were really four days left in 2016. Also, “my christmas leftovers!” I looked out the window, checked the time(it was only 1:30pm). I thought briefly.


….and then I was in the kitchen heating up the rest of the mac n cheese from Christmas dinner. There was no way I was going to let it sit for 3 days. I’m not talking about easy mac; this is my moms homemade mac and cheese, a dish that only comes around three times a year.  I couldn’t take the risk of it going going to waste!

I ate a big bowl of mac n cheese, then some popcorn. I definitely wasn’t still hungry, but you know how it is when you have a taste for something. Giving myself that buffer time, instead of just doing an extra day or starting early, was just the beginning. I wanted to party like it was 1999, millennial,food addict style. Ugh. It shames me to even think about it. I went to Wendys and McDonald’s. How could I eat that junk?!

MO ewwww giphy.gif

What? I didn’t want to eat it, but it isn’t a want. It’s a need. Let me be honest, it’s an addiction.

It was in August of 2015, when I saw a woman give a presentation about one simple change. She showed McDonald’s, from almost ten years earlier, still pretty much intact. It was then that I decided I would never eat it again.I even purchased my own experiment Oct 2015. Notice how it’s pretty much intact, without mold.

This kept me grossed out for a while. It was about 9 months in when I caved, and I went deep. The  temptations are numerous. There’s Popeyes, Burger King, Taco Bell, Checkers and two McDonald’s, all within a 1mile radius of where I live.

They happen sometimes, but it’s not a reason to give up! Everyday is a new opportunity, which is why I love short fasts.

On the first day, I woke up and went straight for the tea…I won’t get into the details of what I did afterwards, but remember what I had the night before.


I continued my squats challenge (100 squats per day, which I usually complete in sets of 15-20), but took it easy otherwise. The first day wasn’t too bad. I felt okay not eating, considering the pitfalls from the day before.

On day 2, my family came to visit and we went to see the ICE exhibit at the Gaylord. Its easy to forget about eating when you’re out enjoying, I mean, unless everybody wants to go out to eat, but more about that later.

I took a to-go cup of tea, because when hunger calls, you better answer with something, before your stomach tells your head to check on you. It will be just pounding until you answer…you don’t want the two of them looking for you at the same time.


By the time we got back home, it was dark, and time to eat! We had veggie stir fry over rice.

The last day, started similarly, except there was no fun day to distract me from the fact that I was fasting. DJ Khaled kept me occupied with The Keys, which I highly recommend to anybody striving for greater success.

On the final night, I fasted much longer than I anticipated, until about 9pm, when I celebrated with a chipotle salad bowl. It tasted heavenly, and most importantly, the fast was complete.


Now I’m getting settled into 2017, checking things out, and I must say 2016 left me hungry. Of course, I just told you how it was physical, but mentally, financially, culturally, romantically, everything! I’m hungry for more, so bring it 2017. This fat girl’s ready to eat!

What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting? Have you done it? Would you try it?

Do you make resolutions? Ever accomplish any?

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