Ring the Alarm!

If an alarm is normalized, is it still alarming? Popular media has had my mind consumed with police brutality. The many, viral recorded interactions have heightened concerns for those at risk.  While many of these videos have shown interactions with cars with flashing lights ending with loss of life from a bullet, my mind is consumed with a different kind of alarm during this season.

sirens giphy.gif

Statistically more deaths happen November-January. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, or the “holidaze”, as I like to call it.


It’s easy to get into a holidaze. Once the weather cools down, there’s significantly less motivation to get outside. Halloween is a candy come up, regardless of if you took advantage of the special “deal” at the store, the candy dish at the bank, or in the office, or took a few candies from (insert name of young trick or treating aged person in your life here). It’s not that bad, they’re fun sized, right?


Nobody wants to be a party pooper, especially when Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The weather is getting cold, and sitting on the couch all day sounds like a day well spent, especially with some snacks!


Here’s when the daze becomes holi. On Thanksgiving, we reflect on how thankful we are for what we have, by being completely gluttonous in a full day of eating, napping, and general laziness(not the chef, of course). By this point, the tone is set. Christmas is just a month away.


Black Friday is Thanksgiving part deux, and everyday until you finish, or you just can’t take it anymore. You may have already gone to a few holiday gatherings, but the parties are really just getting started. Dessert is on the seasonal menu, and the sweetness of the holidaze is growing more and more irresistible.

bottle poppin giphy.gif

Eat drink and be merry they say. So you’re just out feasting, wearing your eating pants aka leggings and big sweaters, taking a break from your strict eating regimen. Meanwhile the reason for “operation beach body” is on it’s way.


Gifts aren’t the only things that people get for Christmas. Some of us are treating ourselves to a few extra pounds, a new diagnosis, or even death. We reminisce about those who we’ve lost, spend money trying to show others that we love and care about them, eat a lot, drink a lot, not considering that our health is not a gift, but a benefit of good care. We all know the holidaze is a time where no fucks are given, but three months is too long not to care for yourself. We all know the end of that story.


2016 is coming to a close and the RIPs are just about to reach their season peak. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody, but I know there will be some bodies going 6 feet under next week, and more after that. What are you doing or not doing to make sure that it isn’t you? Ever since I found out that the majority of people die in the U. S. from three diet related issues, with especially high rates during the holiday season, I’ve been mindful, to say the least.

Have you noticed an increase of ambulances or deaths in the winter months?

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