New Beginnings

So new life happened.  It was just a few months ago that we were playing guess mommy’s waist. Even with my good work lately,  my sister still had and has the smallest waist. We were finally the same size when she was the whole 9 months pregnant…maybe a newborn will give me the head start I need. A girl can dream, right?

I still can’t believe a whole life came out of my sister.  My little nephew is amazing!  Having him here has me feeling refreshed, and more importantly,  refocused.  Although things haven’t been perfect, because when does that happen?  I am absolutely grateful for is my family’s commitment to health. Now that my sister is breast feeding, she is mindful of what she consumes for nourishment. We are eating better,  and more diverse foods.  I mean, mom is a wonderful experimental chef. Not only are we eating better, we’re exercising together too. We’re training and  running races together too. I mean, praying together to stay together is nice, but eating, growing, and exercising together to keep us alive is better. I like to call it insurance. These things are really just ways that I’m protecting my investment…myself,  and my dreams being the investment. We’re also saving money. Boobs are free, to babies atleast, and our lifestyle change has saved us some green.

counting money

But really, what kind of price can you put on peace of mind that you are protecting your family and friends from a slow, painful, self-induced death from chemical toxins.

bruce cake

Just a few days after the birth of my nephew, the new grandma, grandpa and auntie did their first 5k of the year! Unfortunately, the runner of the family, and new mommy had to sit this one out. I’m excited as we embark on a new chapter of our journey, and know we will be running together as a family in no time. With a new baby, there is a new opportunity to show him that true wealth must start with health, if it’s going to be sustainable.


New baby, new diet? What do you think?

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