Hey Fattie!

Has anybody ever teased you for being fat? No? Maybe you were the one doing the teasing. If you were, screw you, on behalf of all the pleasantly plump and teddy bears around the world. If you didn’t take part in either side, then good for you. Or maybe you were teased for being skinny. For some reason, we just can’t get it right. I cant really relate to the skinny people, since thats never been my issue, but I’m going to tell you about my story. I think it’s best that you buckle up…



 I’ve been chubby for as long as I can remember. Pictures fill in the gaps that I don’t remember. It seems that it was always this way. I felt comfortable at home, but sometimes people were mean at school. Despite the fact that it was cool to get fast food at school, it was never cool to be fat. Pizza days on Tuesday and Thursday were the best. I got 2 pieces on both days for six dollars a week, which doesn’t count Friday night pizza for dinner. The other three days I’d have lunch from home. Most days,  i also managed to have money for the snack machines for aftercare everyday, even though I had snacks in my lunch box. For that, I offer my most sincere apology to the college me, who probably wishes that I would’ve saved all that snack money away for something else. I know I overdid it now, but who knows what I was thinking then. It could’ve been something like “only the cool kids have money for the snack machines”, so there I was buying my snacks.

Too Cool

 The truth is that only a fool would eat so much junk food everyday. Somebody should tell this guy. I recall having a sudden dislike of chocolate ice cream and Doritos in my elementary years, which I think was a result of overindulgence. two things I once loved, I had to give up, and many more. It took almost 10 years to grow to enjoy those goodies again in college, just in time to overindulge like never before. There was no regulation. The food supply was endless with that magnificent meal plan, and my college was the best. There was always something good you could get to eat. Instead of a quick fueling process, I like many other fatties, viewed eating as an activity meant for my enjoyment.
Although eating was a bunch of fun, visiting the doctor wasn’t. They always wanted to check my weight. They still do, and I still hate it! Stop judging me doc! Getting blood drawn is even worse than just having to visit. It was especially terrible the time I got bad results. I remember having high cholesterol for some time probably around the age of 10-11 and no longer being “allowed” to eat all of the things I liked. I don’t really remember how long it took get back to reasonable levels, or losing a significant amount of weight, but I was back to enjoying my old habits after while. Later every visit, the doctor told me not to watch too much TV and exercise, but the doctor was fat too. Why should I listen to her telling me that I’m too fat? When I got home, I didnt want to go outside and play. I had recess and gym at school. At home, I like playing with my toys, watching TV, and of course eating! It hurt me to constantly hear that I was overweight, but the pain was short-lived. Having to go to the doctor meant leaving school early anyways, and leaving school early meant getting fast food for lunch or dinner. Ronald had me gone off the french fries, nuggets, soda to wash it down, AND a toy.


My tween-teen years seemed to be solely for the purpose of comparing and contrasting. How did I look in comparison to the girls that the boys liked? Eventually, my clothes came from the junior, or even the petite section. My sister is 4 years younger, and it seemed like she wore a 6x FOREVER! By the time I got to high school, my height seemed to straighten out my weight problem, in my opinion. I was sexy. Older guys noticed me in a different way, and that was kind of exciting. Not so much today. Fast forward about 4 years, and can’t stand to to see men acting that way. Cat calling is not the way to attract women! But I digress. College brought good things and it brought bad things, like no supervision, alcohol, and meal plans with more than 1 buffet within walking distance. After a few weeks in college, I had figured out a healthy balance of binging on food during the week, and alcohol on the weekends. I wonder why nobody told me freshman 15 represented 15 weeks of eating without boundaries, 15 weeks of binge drinking, and  15 weeks of stressful, hungover Sunday’s doing homework, and trying to recover in time to do it all over again. You want to know why girls wear leggings?

Eating Pants

It’s kind of like another version of these. You didn’t hear that from me though.

So fast forward to to the holidays, when I was fighting off parties, and delicious, poisonous foods right and left. I was doing fairly well, and beginning to see some results, despite some weak moments. Things became easier, and more difficult at the same time. It was easy, because I didn’t really desire the food and drink that I know I shouldn’t have. It was, and still is difficult because family and friends see it as a silly diet. I sit at my desk and cringe when I hear the sound of a soda can or bottle being opened. I feel sadness for those around me who don’t see the harm in just one soda, or have the defeated attitude that everybody dies of something or using the optimistic attitude of “YOLO” to justify doing stupid things.

I was the most popular joke of Christmas dinner. Words like vegetarian, organic were flying around at an African American dinner table, but it was serious to me. Everyone else just thinks about how those items are more expensive. Before facing my family, I felt confident about my decision to live a healthier lifestyle. After dinner, I felt mixed emotions of anger and sadness. I felt angry that my family didn’t understand how serious I am about my health, and that it is their fault that I hadn’t always been serious. I felt sad that they weren’t motivated to help themselves. To give you all a bit of context, I should say that nobody in my family would be considered slim. My brother is probably the most fit, and I wouldn’t even consider him slim. We had a potluck style dinner at our matriarch’s house, so that she wouldn’t have to travel, since she had a stroke in mid-November, and was in the hospital from then, until mid-December. For those who may be wondering, no this was not the first stroke, and honestly I was REALLY worried. Thankfully, she recovered well, although she has slight difficulty gripping things in one hand. I might joke around and call her butta-fingaz sometimes, but nobody really jokes about her state of health, or the fact that she hasn’t really changed her eating habits. It really made me wonder, is this happening to other people out there? I haven’t even reached my goal weight, yet somehow people are making fun of me for TRYING to be healthy. I’m still struggling with ALWAYS making the right decisions concerning my food, but I’m definitely going to get the last laugh, just like my man Leo. 


The journey is tough, and with food being mass produced in labs instead of farms, it will only get tougher. Some will be lost along the way, but I WILL persevere! I have goals of walking to 100, and nobody is going to get in the way of that. Truthfully, I want to take all of you with me! #NoFattieLeftBehind I will feel most comfortable in a two piece in my 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally get that thong monokini for my 70th birthday! And yes, you WILL want to see it. I’ll be the hottest cougar on the block! Anyways, 70 is a long way away right now, and my trip to South Beach is just around the corner. I can’t afford to disappoint, and neither can you! Don’t be discouraged by those who don’t understand your mission. Just be there to help when they finally decide to get on board.

This Fat Girl has officially Gone Healthy!

Have you experienced childhood obesity? Were you out there taunting fatties? 😞

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  1. I absolutely am in love with this post. You explained how most people feel and what a lot of people with weight issues are going through. I had a similar yet different experience. My immediate family, although not super athletes, were always pretty physical and in good health and then there’s me. I’ve been through every diet you can imagine, weight going all the way into the 260’s (that was my highest weight), health issues, etc… my family never tempted me with food because they never ate the foods I wanted to eat. It was more outside influences like parties, friends, events, and work. About two years ago I took control. I lost over 100 pounds. My views on food, health and lifestyle have totally changed. I don’t get tempted by much bc of my fear to become the old me again but the one thing that I’ve mentioned in my blog several times is the bread they serve at restaurants. That kills me. It makes me feel like a food addict going into withdrawal. Anyway, love your story and I support you 110%

    Please visit my blog if you have a chance!


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