Another Fat Girl Gone Healthy…Again

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog.You are joining me at the beginning of my health journey….online…via blog, because this definitely isn’t the beginning. I can’t actually even remember a time when I didn’t have a little more to love. The point is, I have struggled with my weight for a long time, and I’m not alone. Big or small, I don’t think I know any woman or girl who hasn’t stressed over her weight.

Time and time again, I made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, but I was off track by March and then trying to get back until May. By June, I have fully accepted the fact that I ruined my chance for the perfect swimsuit body in time for summer, and just let go. The good weather is my saving grace because it allows me to maintain some level of physical activity. When the holidays roll around, I’m fat, jolly, and justifying my ridiculousness with the idea of my New Years Resolutions starting on January 1, when I will finally start being serious about shedding some extra pounds. So I bet you’re wondering why you’re first hearing from me between Thanksgiving and Christmas…
Even though there were many other times that I desired to be more fit, I just know things will be different this time around.  With all of the scientific advancements that we have today, it is now clear to me that I have been living life on the edge. This is no longer a matter of looking good in a swimsuit; this is a matter of life and death. If you think I’m being dramatic, let me tell you that 50% of people in the U.S. die of the diet related diseases. These diseases are heart disease, cancer, and stroke. If anyone is your family has ever suffered from any of these conditions, I’m begging you to take this seriously!
This summer I saw McDonald’s food from almost 10 years ago. It was intact and odorless. The site was appalling, scary really.


They can’t be the only ones selling these indestructible foods. Don’t say you can destroy it. If that were the case, your body wouldn’t be slowly deteriorating with every bite of fast food. Can you believe that Americans spend $1200 a year on fast food? Check it out for yourself…imagine how much more we spend on illnesses as a result of those burgers, and fries…These cheap options can cost us our life. And yes, everybody dies, but quality and quantity are important factors to me. Two factors that I believe should both be present as I age. I wasn’t doing well with my part of preserving my health and life.
How could I go on with those bad habits knowing their consequences? On top of that, I was being fat shamed before fat shaming was a legitimate thing. It’s hard being overweight, especially in a cruel place like elementary school, a pool/beach, an amusement park, Victoria’s Secret, the summer. The list goes on. Basically there’s no good place to be obese…unless you want the grim reaper to slow wine on your life. We can’t keep setting future dates for taking care of ourselves. We are killing ourselves right now. With over 50% of people in the U.S. suffering from diet related diseases, it is important that we make a way to consume foods from the earth.
I have made a commitment to my vitality. Because I really want to live! I want to live all the way until I die! But I don’t just want the years in my life, but the life in my years. The way you treat your body is the way it treats you. So it’s been one long journey. I feel comfortable in my body, but I also know I could afford to shed some pounds.
I know the extra weight is the built up waste that I’ve consumed over the years, and I am ready to part with it. Finally after losses, success, and losses again, I’m truly confident that I will have success and never lose again. Now I’m sure you thinking, “Yeah right,what’s going to be different about this time?” So please allow me to tell you.
I just spent 600 tacos worth on what I would consider an edible piece of art. I once read online that somebody managed  their money in terms of the cost of buying tacos at Taco Bell. As you may or may not know  tacos from Taco Bell cause approximately $1 after adding your local tax. That’s a pretty good deal right?  Except for the fact that your butt might some squishy, squirty sounds at a later occasion, when it would be best for yourself and others for you to be at your private home. In addition to that experience, which I think is kind of pricey,  gross and kind of painful. Imagine what happens to your body from $600 worth of tacos, or burgers, fries, fried chicken (I’m REALLY SORRY, but that’s what it is) over a period of time.  The best part about it is that I only have to spend $46 a month for it and every time I pick, it grows back. That’s what I call food security!
Tower garden
Not to mention, this thing is absolutely beautiful!

Since I used to spend about $200 a month on eating out, I have a lot of repairs to do for my body and I am committed to the job! I now declare myself, a fat girl gone healthy!

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